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What is a Party Poodle

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 8:36 AM

The question people have been asking a lot lately is: What is a party poodle?  Well, lets talk about that.  Some breeders will give different definitions to what a party poodle is.  Some will tell you that any poodle with more than one color is a party poodle and that is not necessarly true.  Some will even have you believe that, for example, an apricot poodle with a white blaze is a party poodle.  That is not true, it is just what it is, an apricot poodle with a white blaze.

A true party poodle is one with two different colors that are marked evenly on the body and face, it is 50/50.  They can come in many colors such as apricot and white, black and white, blue and white and so on....but the markings are 50/50, well marked, and evenly beautiful. 

A poodle that has two different prominent colors that are not 50/50 and evenly marked from one side to the other is actually an "abstract party poodle".  An example would be a black patch on one side of the poodles body, but not on the other side.  Or a patch of color on one side of a poodles face and legs, but not on the other side.  (are you picturing the difference now).  An abstract party poodle does not have the evenly marked, 50/50 beautiful colors.

I hope I have solved, or at least made this great question clearer for my readers.

Doggie Hugs and Kisses;


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